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Radical Healing Collective is the brainchild of New York City based mystic, actor, and most notably, professional intuitive tarot reader, Bri Joy. Their intention in starting this entity is to foster healing through community care, radical love, and metaphysical means. How do you join the collective? You're in. The ticket into this club is radical authenticity and a readiness to do the work it takes to truly heal through the wounds we acquire throughout life. 

We offer tarot, spiritual consultation and guidance, personalized meditations and various healing events! Make sure to follow @radicalhealingnyc on IG to stay up to date!


Meet Bri Joy!

Let's Be Real...

Healing is messy as fuck. If you're going to entrust someone with your spiritual healing, they can't be judgemental, they can't be a know-it-all, but they better know what they're doing.

Enter me: Bri Joy (they/them/theirs); I'm your new psychic! I have over 5 years of professional intuitive tarot reading experience as well as a wealth of knowledge and close relationship to spirit. My purpose is to utilize these gifts to help you get on (and STAY on) the path most in alignment with your highest, most authentic self. My collective is a QTBIPOC safe space.

I know you want a reading; you can book me here, babe <3 Let's get this journey started!


The Clients have Spoken

Vicky - Atlanta, GA

I got an amazing tarot reading from Bri that hit home for me a lot, and I continued to reflect on it for a few days after. I've been carrying some of the suggestions and reflections they gave me since and plan to do another one in the near future for a check-in!

Kat - Los Angeles, CA

I love working with Bri. I followed their pages and stories for a few months before deciding to reach out for services and I am happy I did. Bri keeps it real even if they know you won’t like what they have to say. For example: the much needed "stop over-loving drag" I got right before a break up they didn’t even know was unfolding. Most important about Bri is their commitment to sharing knowledge for the good of all, they are always willing to go deeper with you.

Michelle - Atlanta, GA

It was easy, enlightening, powerful and supportive. This was my first time seeking this service on my own and the energy from Bri really held me through the process. I will definitely refer people to your services. I am new to this journey, but I am eager to learn more and deepen my understanding.

Valeria - Atlanta, GA

I love how Bri explains things and makes different tools for healing SUPER accessible. They offered several different ideas for how to manage some stress and blocks that I had been struggling with. Bri truly cares about their clients and it SHOWS. I always walk away from sessions feeling calmer, and empowered in my healing journey :)

Becca - Atlanta, GA

I have had a couple guided meditation sessions by Bri and they literally transported me to another realm. I have a hard time feeling grounded in my body usually, but Bri’s soft and genuine voice hops between our realm and an angel realm, making it easy for you to feel grounded in your body while your mind is experiencing otherworldly peace. I know this sounds extra but it’s trueeee. If you have issues with dissociating or anxiety I highly recommend trying out a guided meditation!! Xoxo

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Love Radically, Bri Joy xx


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